What is The Secret of China People (Hoa Kiau), 
So They Became Rich People in The World?

the secret business china people

Find the knowledge up to the country of China
(An ancient Arabic proverb)

The title above I took from one of my favorite books, written by a business / management expert in Indonesia Rhenald Kasali (my business guru). The title is interesting because open discourse about the greatness of Chinese people in building their business.

Who does not know the State of China, a large country with a population that spread throughout the world. Chinese people indeed are everywhere, even in the African continent there are citizens of Chinese descent. In addition to living a region, they created the area of retail trade and restaurants. Therefore, not surprisingly in almost every State will be found where the settlements and Chinese business known as China Town.

According to The Overseas Economy Yearbook in the 1990s alone there were 55 million Chinese descent who live across the ocean (Hoa Kiau). According to The economist liquid wealth – beyond their securities-reaches U.S. $ 1.5 -2 Trillion.

We can see the Hoa Kiau almost able to master the country-state activities in which they resided. In Thailand, Chinese people are able to master 90% of asset trading and manufacturing industry. Included in my country, Indonesia, the Chinese 70% -75% of assets outside the International Investment trade and Government Companies.

One of their secrets is they have a unique kinship called Guang Xi. A relationship based on kinship ties or place of birth. This network of business  that eventually establishing one company with another company so that China can grow big as now.

According to John Kao, a professor at Harvard business school, Guang Xi can be more dynamic because it supported the values of Confucius who live and develop according to Chinese dynastic history channel. As an example of Confucian values is respect for the ancestors, kinship, life-saving, good at saving money, hard work, investment, and collection of real assets (Paper money is not real assets for them) like gold, silver etc.

Of course, if we look into the history, Chinese nation from ancient times have remarkable culture indeed , as the same as  Egyptian and Persian cultures. Hopefully with the development of a better world economy will provide welfare too for  the population of the world, hopefully.  (Drie~)

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