Because, You Are so Unique

Life was hard !! Yes, sometimes in certain circumstances of distress we feel that life was so hard. An empty souls, mind drift, and the loss of spirit . Yes, that is a real life, like we were hit by waves of the ocean when sailing the boat. A lot of people says : life is suffering without end. Because problems are always come in their daily life. So people who do not have a strong faith, people who are not mentally strong, try to make a shortcuts ways (like : suicide) or going crazy slowly.

But, if we are feel honestly with ourselves, if we take a time to think about  lives.  Some people doing a meditation, some going to pray, and some people try to think deeply. This ways can transform the negative mindset into  a positive mindset. Finally, they will discover the essence of their selves, the essence of the universe, and  the essence of life (including the problems of life).

You must already know that nothing is exactly the same as you. From the billions of people who were scattered in the earth, NO ONE is100% exactly as you. What it is mean? It’s means that the God who created  all of us, created us in unique condition. There's something important messages when you get a very big problem.  One message is like in the law of physics explained about  the law of attraction (LOA). The big problem means there is a great solution. And who can solve the big problem for your self? Yeah, you're. You are a great person in essence.

The wise man said : “ The great sailor  were born because of the great waves of the ocean”, right? (Drie~) 

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What is the Meaning of 1 Dollar?

One dollar, maybe for us doesn’t have a special meaning. Like other denomination of money, perhaps one dollar is only the nominal value of money. One dollar, it could be a money that we will not glance when we found it on the roadside. Or we just laugh and say,” are you kidding me?” when someone suddenly give money to you. Or we may assumed it zero when looking at our bank account statements. In fact, a majority of child seems to think that one dollar is a little value because they can not buy and get anything even for one portion of McD.

 But did you know? On the another side of the world. One  dollar is a very big money. People will be very grateful to you when you give them one dollar, because one dollar for them equal to two times the cost of meals, the same as a pack of milk to breastfeed they child for several days, equal to one gallon of mineral water for one week, one textbook school for their children. Even for children who are poor, a dollar is considered a great wealth so that they feel the most fortunate child and wealthy child in the world.

 So what is the meaning of 1 dollar for you now? Let us appreciate the money and learn to share, although only one dollar. Because with one dollar you could making and sharing a happy world for the poor and disadvantaged. We will not be sick by sharing and helping people, we will not be poor by sharing and charity, instead we will be obtain long life and get a lot of luck, try it !.

The world will be not get better if we do not sharing a goodness, right ?

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Share Our Happiness

The world is not fair! Thus the word of one child. Childhood should be beautiful in the arms of parents, they spent in the arms of street dust. Going to school? no, no time because they should help their parents to find a food firstly. Childhood should be used to play out they spent on the bustle of traffic. Let alone to buy toys, one clothes for them is very expensive. They are the poorest, no helpless Who can’t reach their dreams on their way.

Rubbish community? Children who are lazy? No, they are our family, the poor children who work day and night (even those working till late at night), children who could not afford school, unable to work.

When you fall asleep with a heating and thick blankets, they sleep with a pad and blanket newspaper. When you fall asleep in the house, they sleep in alleys and under bridges.

Luckily for our lives, so be thankful. Share your happiness with them, although not able to give a material form, but at least share your loving, politeness, smile, tenderness. They are part of our lives who living in the same earth.

Just reminding for us. (Drie~)

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Simplify Your Work Life

One of my favorite books is Simplify your work life and Simplify Your Life, a best-selling book written by Elaine St.James. How not a favorite, because this book reminds us about the meaning of daily activities in our work life.

This book revealed that by simplifying  your work patterns such: motivation, goals, plan, time management, and working strategy/tricks, we can reach life balancing. Because many people who has working hard but they were forgetting other aspect, like spending time with their family, forget to eat, forget their health, forget the time and finally trapped in their own working world. 

Simplifying the work pattern will give us the opportunity to work effectively and efficiently, productively, optimally, and give a time to arrange our financial life, family and social life. So life will feel lighter, enjoy, and meaningful. And it was proved that with simplify your work life effectively and efficiently, your income will be increasing.

That's some points, why I like this book. Curious? Please read more of this book. Too long if I explain her book in this article. Happy reading. (Drie~)

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