Writing is Hard ?

How does writing tips? Easy but it's hard, hard but it's easy. Yes, writing is tricky because for some people writing is a difficult job, but for some people write has its own pleasure and very easy. Like  a flowing water, a string word by word, sentence by sentence composed woven into a meaning to the rhythm of the mind of the author.

So the first principal of a writer is the willingness and motivation to write. How big is the desire colleagues want to write? why should you write? For whom I write? What would I earn from writing? Without a strong willingness to write and motivation to write, guaranteed all colleagues will never be able to write. So dig a willingness and motivation to write it first. Furthermore, a senior writer says writing takes ambition. Because desire is not enough if only limited without the spirit that drives the desire to write. There are who write for idealism, there are also motivated because business / economic needs, and some people are motivated become a famous. It relies desire and motivation in writing colleagues. So without a strong why, writing feels like work to saturate and difficult.

The second principal in writing is the writing skills (ability to write). Of course, for we have the ability to write requires the exercises. Not only the ability in the language (language writing & journalism) but the ability to observe, examines phenomena s that exist in the brain or mind or feelings in our minds.

So, how tips to write? Very simple, first dig a motivation to write, then dig the idea and gather materials / references / referrals when needed and most importantly, start writing. There is a subtle hint for beginner writers from Stephen King, ” the first failure of a writer is when he first stopped writing.” So keep practicing writing and writing. So simple isn't ? (Drie~)

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Know the Types of Articles

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Every day we often read such articles, whether in print or electronic media. This article is different from writing fiction because it is factual (non-fiction), although both have a goal to deliver the message or information from the author, but both have features, characteristics, style, and structure of writing a different language.

The typical structure of the writing of the article usually begins with the background, problem identification, problem analysis and ultimately in the form of conclusions. Although it is not raw but basically have the same structure {no introduction (lead), content (contain), and the closing.
 In broad outline for the article in several types, including:

* Explanative Articles
This article aims to explain the contents of something as clearly as possible to readers, so       readers know, understand    the purpose of the proposed author.

* Descriptive Articles
This article aims to describe (to DESCRIBE) something to the reader.

* Predictive Articles
This article has predictive tap point to the predictions, forecasts, estimates of something in the future.

* Prescriptive Articles
This article has the characteristics emphasize something to the reader to do something.

Distribution of types of article it’s does not mean that in the writing must have certain characteristics of one type of article only, because the articles in the mass media often combining these types. So do not let this kind of division even hinder us in writing, make writing so easy for you, right? (Drie~)

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Amazing World of Writing

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World of writing does have its own magnet for publishers, authors, and readers. For an author, in writing like a world that can be entered by anyone, anywhere, anytime. “ Writing world is limitless job opportunities, like a company that always receives a new employee ”, wrote ELJEHA team (1999) on their article. As an example without having to work in publishing, an author can send his work at any time because publishers basically are happy to receive manuscripts from author. In addition to convey his thoughts (ideas, opinions about various things), writers get the money in cash (when choosing the payment off system), honoraria (for work in the media), royalties  and popularity as well.

Another interesting for a brilliant writer is usually contracted by a publisher to submit their work periodically for writing articles or books. Especially with the development of information technology today, the author can any time to write and so easily to  send data to publishers. Or simply the process as follows Write – Send  and Money was coming.

Furthermore, there are my colleagues who are focused on the world of freelance writing as a profession. He is not tied to any company, not bound by time and work place. His  income obtained from their written works which are sent to publishers. So instead of the limited job opportunities and narrow, that slogan seem does not apply in the world of writing. Very inspiring isn’t it? (Drie~)

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Free PDF Converter for making E-book

One of the e-book format that is often used both by the writer and the reader is a pdf file format. PDF stands for Portable Document Format, a file format created by Adobe Systems to facilitate the exchange of documents.

Until now, for the writers PDF format are the number one choice. This is because PDF has become a standard web document, either to read or print. To open and create PDF files require special software, there is a paid software and there is also a freeware or free. To read PDF files can use Adobe Reader, Nitro PDF Reader. As for creating PDF files can use Free PDF Converter, Cute PDF or for colleagues who use Office 2010 on there is a conversion to PDF tool on the tab menu.

On the contrary the writers need data/references but the file on PDF format. While colleagues need the files in the form of doc, xls, txt, or rtf. To convert this can be solved on two ways. First by using software pdf converter and a second by on-line services. Fortunately today there are many free and legal software that we can use (to download, click the name of the software below), including:

1. Free PDF to Word DocConverter (file size : 1,1 Mb)
2. Ease PDF to Text Extractor (file size : 1 Mb)
3. Free PDF to Word Converter (file size : 585 kb)
4. Some PDF to Word Converter (file size : 784 kb)

Beside offline tools, here sites that serve on-line converter service (free), such:
1. Zamzar 
2. Media Convert
3. PDF Undo

Now, making e-book more easier by various free facilities as i mean above. Hopefully useful. (Drie~)

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Free KBBI Off Line

One reason that stops us in writing that we are sometimes hesitant to use certain words. Is there a term that will be used in the Indonesian language or not. Well, this is the function of KBBI (Great Dictionary of Indonesian Language) to made you easy in writing in Indonesian language.

KBBI is one production from Indonesian Ministry of Education (see: http://pusatbahasa.diknas.go.id/kbbi/). If we compared with the online version , this tool has several advantages, such: this dictionary is free (freeware), portable, and does not need to be installed.

How to use and features :
This software doesn't have a manual book because it's very easy to use. You just need to fill the word that you want to search and then press enter or click the search button. It will display the result.

The result appear already in the format in such a way as to allow users to read and look for the definition of the word in question. Two left-hand column is the result of the search words, with explanations:
  • The column above is a list of words that is the basic word
  • The second column is the result of a search, but we did not find the word basis but on a derivative or compound words (in termed the sub-theme if not mistaken)
In the right part, there is the definition of the word and displayed with a color that gives the following meanings:
  • The color red with a yellow background is the theme (the base) The red color with a number is the number of meaning or definition of the worded color without the background is a sub theme or a derivative word
  • blue color is a kind word or including in terms of what black color is the meaning or definition of the word
  • green color is an example of the use of the word in a sentence purple color is an example of the maxim black color with a green background are the search results contained in the sub-theme or word derivatives
To download this tool, click the link beside: KBBI v1.5.1 (file size : 3.6 MB). Hopefully useful. (Drie~)


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